Saturday, February 03, 2007

Idol chasing experience : Linda Chung and not Rain is here!

Hey y' all! It's my first official post and i decided to post about today autograph session where TVB artistes Linda Chung, Kevin Cheng and Linda Chung they arrived and touched down on our lovely Singapore!

What an eye opening experience! As a total greenhorn in attending autographing session (its my maiden journey after all!) i met a fellow Linda fan at, guess what? 11.30am although the event starts at 3pm and we totally stoned for the first 2 hours. Yeah i travelled all the way to the other end of Singapore because the event was held at VivoCity, the much hyped about new shopping mall.

But the rush was evident when it hit 2pm and the fans of these artistes were crowding around the stage. Boy, there were really lots of young adoring fans of Kevin ready to chomp down the stage and of course i was also all pumped up for Linda.

Tension was oohhhh so high cos only the first 50 fans could get an autographed photo of each of them. Courtesy of TVB =) So the 50 of us were packed like canned sardine and TVB magazines were whipped out like weapons. Look like it was truly a well- prepared defence force we have here to defend ourselves from the charms of the handsome dude and the pretty ladies!

But obviously it failed as everyone whipped out new weapons that came in the form of cameras! the flashes and the lights flickered on and off immediately when the stars emerged! There were the usual shrieks of course and i contributed to the screaming too but im not ashamed of that!

All three sang a song each and Kevin seemed to captivate most of the audience but Linda and Angela fared well too! Then we had the usual autograph and we gotta take pics with them! And Linda gave me a call on my cell phone on my way home! It was shocking really and we chatted really really long. I saw three trains passed by and we ended our conversation on a happy note.

What a day and a call from a Hongkong star? Hey, that's kinda hard to forget.

Here are some of pictures taken:

Linda serading the crowd with her melodious voice

the two gals are electrified by Kevin's charm

he is one season pro =)

her rendition of Leon's Lai song (the one she sang in the modern ah wang show)


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