Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dinner + Dessert with 5 Chio Bu and 1 guy!

Hey everyone! Today was a real tiring day for me. Well, i had HTML lessons and for the noobs HTML are well just words that makes up a website! AND I HATE IT! haha im not really good at computer stuff, im more of the writing person!

Well, after that we had this fund management talk which erm... the speaker from UOB was kinda an old fogey and he was stuttering, really unclear of the powerpoint slides so wow that was dozing time for me... The talk lasted 2 hrs but i survived! ANd i even manage to squeeze time for statistic project which is hahaha WHOA MY BRAIN GONNA EXPLODE OVER THIS project!

And after that project i went to Orchard to have my girls' outing with a bunch of gals acquaintance from church! Hmmm well, we ate at Crystal Jade La Mien at Takashimaya and food was alright =) hahaha. BUT oh oh oh, i have no idea why everyone is crazy over this book... Well, one of the girls dragged me to Kinokuniya just to get it!!! HAHA i have to read it soon to know the hype about it?? Tell me wad is so good about TWILIGHT?? Enlighten me somebody!

And ohoh the highlight of the night is of course the girls favourite ===== DESSERT! Hmmm coach Barnabas (yeah i noe, girls night rite? but Khailing who is my Care group leader's wife came and of cos hubby have to come wad =P) so the 5 of us girls squeezed like sardines in his car and we went to Dempsey Hill to eat Ben and Jerry's ice cream! haha the outlet at Dempsey is like really huge and there was even a lifeband playing songs so the atmosphere was really shiok and HIP! Yeah we stayed there for 1 hour plus and well, did alot of talking and all!

Hmmm, i was dropped off at Yio Chu Kang MRt by coach barnabas and oh dear, haha i was making my slow walk, 20 min walk to be exact from the train station to my house under the full moon.

Praise God for today. I am a tired but happy gal. Thank Lord for the companionship. I treasure every acquaintance that step into my quiet life.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

ICA 2 Oral Communication OVER

YAY! I havebeen waiting for this day. The speech ICA which was on informational speech is definitely a killer. I dun like speaking in front of crowds, period.

Hmmm din perform to my best today, the aircon was really cold and i forgot most of my content but BAAAA it's alright! God will provide! Well, im really happy because mum bought this realli realli nice maroon downjacket that i was craving for on a shopping trip last sat! hahaha GOSH i have sth slightly more fashionable to wear on my trip to Europe this yr instead of the dowdy brown jacket! hahaha i think i will have to reimburse her cos it cost 150 bucks after 30% off! hahaha good deal heh!

Well, im still stressed up with statistical project. HAHA my group mates are too nice so everyone not pro-active enough! Now that the 2 weeks break are nearing, i have time to watch my favourite korean drama by my korean idol HAN HYE JIN!

Here are some pics from her new drama! im drooling all over!

haha yay.. i cant wait for my overseas trip on sunday... My third trip overseas this year! haha maybe SIA should award me with Krisflyer points!!! tomorrow going out with New Creation Care Group girls so it will be a first time getting to noe those ladies!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Long Time Hiatus

Been gone for a while. But im back. And week 7 and 8 for this semester is going CRAZY and i mean CRAZY!!! And worst of all my Fujitsu Laptop went berserk so all the software is gone!

I'm having this expression now.

haha that is an ugly me. I feel being so blessed now becos this term i have gained new frens from bible study group! And well this term some people changed and my relationships with a few people have changed for the better and when there's better there will be worse. So... hmmm i will be gone for now.

Update this bloggie asap again. When i have more exciting stuff to write and OH! To my Click Five PLEASE READ the BLOG u gals A levels over already so ya can go YUM CHA and Mindcafe somemore! haha i realli hope to meet u gals on tuesday!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a fun day with Linda Chung fans!

Hey yo all maties! hahaha last saturday i went out with these bunch of 7 wonderful yet unique and distinct gals. U know up till now, i am amazed at how an idol, who probably dunno each one of our existence can actually bond people from different walks of life together. So rite now im gg to just show u all the pics and the fun that i had with these bunch.
here we are right outside The Forum at Orchard and we are all holding LINDA's Autographed ALBUM! Seriously, it was weird standing there posing with similar albums! haha Let us be Models for once!

Alrite, the girl with the cute pink girl on my right is Lingling is the first Linda fan i gotta know and i treat her like my younger sis seriously and the gal in white is called Joyin(what a nice, unique name!) she was from my old JC- SAJC! haha hi junior! See fate is so wonderful rite?
And this girl, she is someone not to be trifled with! haha without her, the meeting, and the autographed Cds will not be even possible! She is my dearie Hanns and we talk almost everyday on MSN! haha i love her to bits Hannie i hope u are reading this cos i thank God that u are part of my life! ANd we can gossip about Linda and our DREAM (winks)!

Alrite, these picture is the bunch of us and well, we look normal now without holding the album rite? Like a bunch of school friends or clique just hanging out together even though its my first meeting with them! HAHA, hey the 8 of us should hang out again soon man!

I have ummm no idea why im slouching so bad? Is it becos im the tallest? Girls dun kill me! HAHAs no la i think i was putting my hands around their shoulders way to tight so i bent down! HMMM but i like this pic alot becos these 3 gals i talked to on msn quite a bit and Jaime the gal on the right is realli realli funny! Jaime please entertain me more!

Actually you know, i dun think there will be awkward silence, i mean there are bound to be but that awkward silence is not awkward to the extent that it is prickly and it hurts to be in the environment cos after all we share a common interest in the form of LINDA!! hahah and i really enjoyed myself even though right after i went home, i developed a fever and i onli recovered today! SO YOU GALS, YOU ARE OFFICIALLY TOO HOT FOR ME TO HANDLE!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A New School Term. A New Vanessa?

Herein a new school term officially starts.... Open the curtains please!!!!

Whoa it's only day 2 in school and it seems that the days are so long and draggy not to mention while primary, secondary and college students are enjoying their holidays during this period, we the Polytechnic students are going to endure long lectures and tutorials... This will go on for 9 whole weeks till exactly 2 weeks before Christmas then we shall have a break... Today i told my friends that i will be going abroad for the entire 2 weeks of december hols but they were saying 'huh, what if we have to do project?" Hmmm project work dear friends, i dunno abt project work but its christmas, and it is a hard earned holiday so gals we have to give ourselves some slack to yeah?

Hmmm, trying to change into a better Vanessa, a Van that is more studious, more biblical, study and listen to GOd's words more, be more sensitive to His presence. "Oh Lord, do not ever take your presence away from me" And yes i have been going to the gym for like 2 and a half hours each time doing the elliptical machine... It is really kinda fun, train your legs and stamina but today i bust my calorie intake, ate a whole packet of Ruffles! TOo hungry from the workout!

And i have been listening to my idol's album recently when im really stressed, bored, happy... It is suitable for all occasions! haha there are happy songs, ballods, slightly retro songs inside and the singer is LINDA CHUNG KA YAN! A Hongkong actress, now singer that i really admire! here is her album and please support her CD! She has put in loads of effort into it and im really pleased with it myself!
This is the front Cd cover where she wrote my name...

This is the back of the CD with her signature? Weird huh? why she din sign in front? i wanna noe too!

Well I have yet to receive the CD yet cos they were ordered from Hongkong by my dear friend Hanns( she is the one who sent me these pics too) and we have a Linda fans gathering this Saturday to collect the Cds and to mingle at the same time! WOOTS im so excited cos it means photo taking time! And i get to finally enjoy listening to the Cd and hold it in my hands! YAY! Till then it is studying time...

May God pull me through this term regardless of projects or ICAs or semester exams for He said "Blessed are those who trust in me and whose hopes that in me"

oba signing out.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

F1 related pics!

As everyone know last week was Singapore first Formula 1 Race and there certainly much hyped about it. Well, i was one of the ticket holders and get to experience it first hand... Well, cos i went with all 3 guys who werent sorta adventurous therefore din really manage to get good solid pictures! Nevertheless, sitting there and being part of it is DEAFENING AND ROARING and after one week i decided to load the pics up -)

Ok this is the box that holds the tickets....

when i opened the "treasure box" 3 glittering passes to fanciful cars greeted my eyes! Passes for Fri, Sat and Sun respectively...Hmmm hard to imagine these 3 keychains cost 1000 bucks huh?

Well, here's me this is taken outside somewhere? Just thought of snapping and got my buddy to take my picture! I look like some tour guide introducing Singapore to tourists heh? "Behind me is the Swisshotel, it was build in blah blah..."

Here's buddy Winston and me! Hey's be cool man, our friendship is forever alrite?

And this is at Gate 7, the gate located outside Marina Square. Well, many people were taking pics at Gate 7 ( i dunno why) so i decided to follow suit...

This is taken from where i was seated... Well the barricade blocked the view but that car is Red Bull and is driven by Italian Grand Prix winner Sebastian Vettel!

I love Kimi Raikkonen and the whole 3 days i was trying to take pics of only Ferrari! HAhA so there is alot of red cars in my photo album!

Here's daddy and me on the 2nd night! love you dad for accompanying me to the race even at 11pm! Haha realised that i seldom take pics with dad so close up so this is another new experience!

YOOHOO! See the Ferrari go! See Kimi Raikkonen GO! Speed is Ferrari's forte!

Oh this was on the 3rd day of the race and Uncle treated me to Prego, an Italian restaurant as Swisshotel. The restaurant was kinda posh and this dish below cost $40 bucks plus i had this minestrone soup that cost 12 bucks and a tiramisu that cost 15 bucks! U do the maths! How much my dinner cost that day!

Regrets? DO i have regrets? haha yes i regretted not taking a pic with my uncle and i regretted not taking a pic with Kimi! Even if i have to jump over the barricades i WOULD, i WOULD! but that would be something i will do in another year's time! Make the barricades lower!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thanks To GOD

just have a couple of things to say.

1. Thank God for the wonderful Guangzhou trip, I love my roots and the simplicity of food and life there. (photos i will post when im free)

2. Thank God again for the F1 Race tickets! (i have 2 tickets that cost $998 each and entry for all 3 days!)

3. Thank God for all the shopping i manage to do their and thank you Lord that my Shuk Shuk and Gu Jie told me so much about their past. ( Is there a purpose for me on this trip?)

4. Thank God for the financial blessing and comfort that i take for granted each day. i noe the new car daddy's bought was a blessing and an extravagance.

Will it be too much to ask for another holiday next year with my aunt and uncle again to Shunde? And the past 5 days i have been stuffing myself way too much...