Wednesday, October 22, 2008

a fun day with Linda Chung fans!

Hey yo all maties! hahaha last saturday i went out with these bunch of 7 wonderful yet unique and distinct gals. U know up till now, i am amazed at how an idol, who probably dunno each one of our existence can actually bond people from different walks of life together. So rite now im gg to just show u all the pics and the fun that i had with these bunch.
here we are right outside The Forum at Orchard and we are all holding LINDA's Autographed ALBUM! Seriously, it was weird standing there posing with similar albums! haha Let us be Models for once!

Alrite, the girl with the cute pink girl on my right is Lingling is the first Linda fan i gotta know and i treat her like my younger sis seriously and the gal in white is called Joyin(what a nice, unique name!) she was from my old JC- SAJC! haha hi junior! See fate is so wonderful rite?
And this girl, she is someone not to be trifled with! haha without her, the meeting, and the autographed Cds will not be even possible! She is my dearie Hanns and we talk almost everyday on MSN! haha i love her to bits Hannie i hope u are reading this cos i thank God that u are part of my life! ANd we can gossip about Linda and our DREAM (winks)!

Alrite, these picture is the bunch of us and well, we look normal now without holding the album rite? Like a bunch of school friends or clique just hanging out together even though its my first meeting with them! HAHA, hey the 8 of us should hang out again soon man!

I have ummm no idea why im slouching so bad? Is it becos im the tallest? Girls dun kill me! HAHAs no la i think i was putting my hands around their shoulders way to tight so i bent down! HMMM but i like this pic alot becos these 3 gals i talked to on msn quite a bit and Jaime the gal on the right is realli realli funny! Jaime please entertain me more!

Actually you know, i dun think there will be awkward silence, i mean there are bound to be but that awkward silence is not awkward to the extent that it is prickly and it hurts to be in the environment cos after all we share a common interest in the form of LINDA!! hahah and i really enjoyed myself even though right after i went home, i developed a fever and i onli recovered today! SO YOU GALS, YOU ARE OFFICIALLY TOO HOT FOR ME TO HANDLE!

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