Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A New School Term. A New Vanessa?

Herein a new school term officially starts.... Open the curtains please!!!!

Whoa it's only day 2 in school and it seems that the days are so long and draggy not to mention while primary, secondary and college students are enjoying their holidays during this period, we the Polytechnic students are going to endure long lectures and tutorials... This will go on for 9 whole weeks till exactly 2 weeks before Christmas then we shall have a break... Today i told my friends that i will be going abroad for the entire 2 weeks of december hols but they were saying 'huh, what if we have to do project?" Hmmm project work dear friends, i dunno abt project work but its christmas, and it is a hard earned holiday so gals we have to give ourselves some slack to yeah?

Hmmm, trying to change into a better Vanessa, a Van that is more studious, more biblical, study and listen to GOd's words more, be more sensitive to His presence. "Oh Lord, do not ever take your presence away from me" And yes i have been going to the gym for like 2 and a half hours each time doing the elliptical machine... It is really kinda fun, train your legs and stamina but today i bust my calorie intake, ate a whole packet of Ruffles! TOo hungry from the workout!

And i have been listening to my idol's album recently when im really stressed, bored, happy... It is suitable for all occasions! haha there are happy songs, ballods, slightly retro songs inside and the singer is LINDA CHUNG KA YAN! A Hongkong actress, now singer that i really admire! here is her album and please support her CD! She has put in loads of effort into it and im really pleased with it myself!
This is the front Cd cover where she wrote my name...

This is the back of the CD with her signature? Weird huh? why she din sign in front? i wanna noe too!

Well I have yet to receive the CD yet cos they were ordered from Hongkong by my dear friend Hanns( she is the one who sent me these pics too) and we have a Linda fans gathering this Saturday to collect the Cds and to mingle at the same time! WOOTS im so excited cos it means photo taking time! And i get to finally enjoy listening to the Cd and hold it in my hands! YAY! Till then it is studying time...

May God pull me through this term regardless of projects or ICAs or semester exams for He said "Blessed are those who trust in me and whose hopes that in me"

oba signing out.

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