Tuesday, October 07, 2008

F1 related pics!

As everyone know last week was Singapore first Formula 1 Race and there certainly much hyped about it. Well, i was one of the ticket holders and get to experience it first hand... Well, cos i went with all 3 guys who werent sorta adventurous therefore din really manage to get good solid pictures! Nevertheless, sitting there and being part of it is DEAFENING AND ROARING and after one week i decided to load the pics up -)

Ok this is the box that holds the tickets....

when i opened the "treasure box" 3 glittering passes to fanciful cars greeted my eyes! Passes for Fri, Sat and Sun respectively...Hmmm hard to imagine these 3 keychains cost 1000 bucks huh?

Well, here's me this is taken outside somewhere? Just thought of snapping and got my buddy to take my picture! I look like some tour guide introducing Singapore to tourists heh? "Behind me is the Swisshotel, it was build in blah blah..."

Here's buddy Winston and me! Hey's be cool man, our friendship is forever alrite?

And this is at Gate 7, the gate located outside Marina Square. Well, many people were taking pics at Gate 7 ( i dunno why) so i decided to follow suit...

This is taken from where i was seated... Well the barricade blocked the view but that car is Red Bull and is driven by Italian Grand Prix winner Sebastian Vettel!

I love Kimi Raikkonen and the whole 3 days i was trying to take pics of only Ferrari! HAhA so there is alot of red cars in my photo album!

Here's daddy and me on the 2nd night! love you dad for accompanying me to the race even at 11pm! Haha realised that i seldom take pics with dad so close up so this is another new experience!

YOOHOO! See the Ferrari go! See Kimi Raikkonen GO! Speed is Ferrari's forte!

Oh this was on the 3rd day of the race and Uncle treated me to Prego, an Italian restaurant as Swisshotel. The restaurant was kinda posh and this dish below cost $40 bucks plus i had this minestrone soup that cost 12 bucks and a tiramisu that cost 15 bucks! U do the maths! How much my dinner cost that day!

Regrets? DO i have regrets? haha yes i regretted not taking a pic with my uncle and i regretted not taking a pic with Kimi! Even if i have to jump over the barricades i WOULD, i WOULD! but that would be something i will do in another year's time! Make the barricades lower!

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