Sunday, November 23, 2008

Long Time Hiatus

Been gone for a while. But im back. And week 7 and 8 for this semester is going CRAZY and i mean CRAZY!!! And worst of all my Fujitsu Laptop went berserk so all the software is gone!

I'm having this expression now.

haha that is an ugly me. I feel being so blessed now becos this term i have gained new frens from bible study group! And well this term some people changed and my relationships with a few people have changed for the better and when there's better there will be worse. So... hmmm i will be gone for now.

Update this bloggie asap again. When i have more exciting stuff to write and OH! To my Click Five PLEASE READ the BLOG u gals A levels over already so ya can go YUM CHA and Mindcafe somemore! haha i realli hope to meet u gals on tuesday!

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