Tuesday, December 09, 2008

ICA 2 Oral Communication OVER

YAY! I havebeen waiting for this day. The speech ICA which was on informational speech is definitely a killer. I dun like speaking in front of crowds, period.

Hmmm din perform to my best today, the aircon was really cold and i forgot most of my content but BAAAA it's alright! God will provide! Well, im really happy because mum bought this realli realli nice maroon downjacket that i was craving for on a shopping trip last sat! hahaha GOSH i have sth slightly more fashionable to wear on my trip to Europe this yr instead of the dowdy brown jacket! hahaha i think i will have to reimburse her cos it cost 150 bucks after 30% off! hahaha good deal heh!

Well, im still stressed up with statistical project. HAHA my group mates are too nice so everyone not pro-active enough! Now that the 2 weeks break are nearing, i have time to watch my favourite korean drama by my korean idol HAN HYE JIN!

Here are some pics from her new drama! im drooling all over!

haha yay.. i cant wait for my overseas trip on sunday... My third trip overseas this year! haha maybe SIA should award me with Krisflyer points!!! tomorrow going out with New Creation Care Group girls so it will be a first time getting to noe those ladies!

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