Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dinner + Dessert with 5 Chio Bu and 1 guy!

Hey everyone! Today was a real tiring day for me. Well, i had HTML lessons and for the noobs HTML are well just words that makes up a website! AND I HATE IT! haha im not really good at computer stuff, im more of the writing person!

Well, after that we had this fund management talk which erm... the speaker from UOB was kinda an old fogey and he was stuttering, really unclear of the powerpoint slides so wow that was dozing time for me... The talk lasted 2 hrs but i survived! ANd i even manage to squeeze time for statistic project which is hahaha WHOA MY BRAIN GONNA EXPLODE OVER THIS project!

And after that project i went to Orchard to have my girls' outing with a bunch of gals acquaintance from church! Hmmm well, we ate at Crystal Jade La Mien at Takashimaya and food was alright =) hahaha. BUT oh oh oh, i have no idea why everyone is crazy over this book... Well, one of the girls dragged me to Kinokuniya just to get it!!! HAHA i have to read it soon to know the hype about it?? Tell me wad is so good about TWILIGHT?? Enlighten me somebody!

And ohoh the highlight of the night is of course the girls favourite ===== DESSERT! Hmmm coach Barnabas (yeah i noe, girls night rite? but Khailing who is my Care group leader's wife came and of cos hubby have to come wad =P) so the 5 of us girls squeezed like sardines in his car and we went to Dempsey Hill to eat Ben and Jerry's ice cream! haha the outlet at Dempsey is like really huge and there was even a lifeband playing songs so the atmosphere was really shiok and HIP! Yeah we stayed there for 1 hour plus and well, did alot of talking and all!

Hmmm, i was dropped off at Yio Chu Kang MRt by coach barnabas and oh dear, haha i was making my slow walk, 20 min walk to be exact from the train station to my house under the full moon.

Praise God for today. I am a tired but happy gal. Thank Lord for the companionship. I treasure every acquaintance that step into my quiet life.

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