Thursday, September 04, 2008

Overseas I go!

It's 1.15am. I am still awake. I have a terrible sunburn right at my back due to swimming 50 laps in the Yio Chu Kang Swimming swimming complex yesterday. My mood has been bad, bad because of the bad weather! HAHA, my gym plans have been shelved like so many times because it rained so bad!

HMMM on the other hand, i am EXCITED. Few things to be excited about!

1. I finally went to book my Basic Theory Test(for driving license) which is scheduled on the 20 Oct. School will have started by then but the driving centre had no other slots except for 17 Sept which i cant go. WHY? This leads me to point number 2 of why i am excited!

2. I AM GOING TO GUANGZHOU ON 17 SEPT! Really excited to go back to my ancestors home. I will be going for 5 days, a very short trip. The main purpose is to attend my granny's sister 80th birthday celebration. Granny has a weak body so the Sum representative was my aunt and since she asked my to go, I said sure! So Dad, Aunt and Oba will be going for this festive event! YES! i can finally put my Cantonese skills to use!

3. HAHA. I had my appointment at SGH today. And my Doctor,(Doctor Lee) said im doing very well... =) She was very pleased with my progress. So, she said "Vanessa, i will continue giving you medication and you have to take them on time. However, by next year Jan, if everything maintains the same, I will take you off the medication. You must remind me next year ok?"
Click 5 are you gals reading this?! I am doing so well now you gals! THanks for the encouragement, the tears, the smses and calls and I DUNNO WHAT! But I am so closed to reaching the end! The discharge from the hospital is so near! As i am writing this now, my heart fills so wrenched, YOU cant imagine how i feel hearing those words!

GOD YOU ARE AWESOME! "Allow God to rule over you. Yield to Him. Do not resist Him." Psalms 73:25

God has been with me throughout this period and yes Lord. I love you and thanks for loving me for who Van is! I thank you for giving me the chance to remove myself from the unhappy past in JC, and now, i thank you for the new friends and old friends and for being my eternal friend. Thank you Lord for giving me a chance to experience my roots in Guangzhou. You have been so Good. Has Van been good Lord?

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