Friday, June 06, 2008

Pooling with the Guys

Hey ya all... WHoosh i hope this blog isnt dead cos im certainly am ALIVE! It is so good to be alive and taste of God's wonders and blessings! ANd yes yes YES! It is officially school holidays! HAHA yeah i have been busy with tests and all which i believe is a phase that everyone goes through so no big deal about that. I just take all things by my stride and let God pull me along on this journey.

Well, today i certainly had a wonderful time with goat (Kelvin), YT (Yetong) and Gerard (gerard), haha no nickname for him! HAHA actually after statistics i was super drowsy and had a splitting headache and i wanted to go home instead of going to the gym with these guys... HAHA. But that in a twist of fate, i sorta followed them to the gym where i worked out for half and hour then we went to AMK hub to play Daytona! HAHA BOYS ARE BORN TO DRIVE CARS. HAHA except for Goat becos he never ever played arcade games! YT and Gerard keep fighting for 1st and 2nd place! HAHA arcarde was fun becos YT helped me win sweets at the sweet machine! HAHA i won about 10 sweets in exchange for my $1 coin? GOod deal, no? You noe the guys actually wanted to take Neoprint with me! Hey it is their honour u noe? 3 thorns and a flower! HAHA but it cost 10 bucks! I must as well bring along my own camera to snap us! =p

ANd then we proceeded to the highlight of the day! Billard/Pool as we youngster call it. Hmmm such a surprise to see Stanley and gang there...Apparently they have been playing since like after lecture ended at 2 so they have been there for 2 and a half hour! GASP! HAHA But anyway, i teamed up with YT and Goat and Gerard teamed up together. Hey you know i didnt noe Goat could play that well! HAHA He got like most of the shots in! But hmmm i was not bad either! HAHA. Gerard shot in balls with Goat's help and YT well, he was encouraging me all the way! HAHA but it is really relaxing to play with the 3 of them cos they keep giving way to me! The only girl among them!

But yeah, i never gone out with 3 guys before since i was in a girs' school... Today, i wanna thank them 3 for the wonderful time and im looking forward to Monday for our next pool challenge! You guys rock k?!

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