Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers' Day Cum Mum's Birthday!

Thursday night... i was supposed to have dragonboat training but due to the injuries i decided to pontant! HAHA but im not that kind who cant take hardships! Of course there was a more substantial reason for skipping the training! It was Mummy's birthday! Haha the previous day mum keep asking sis and me "TOmorrow nobody eating dinner with me huh?" We of cos the dummy crabs din get the hint and i even told her eat at home la! Eat at home we eat with u wad! Only at night before she sleep she told me it's her birthday the next day!

Well, we decided to eat at Thai Village Sharksfins because Dad still have the voucher that was expiring on 9 May. Hmmm, now recently with all the hoolabaloo regarding eating Sharksfin, yep we do have to cut down a little but i believe mum's birthday is a good reason to break the NO SHARKFIN RULE YEAH? haha but the 3 of them ate and not me... Somehow i lost interest in delicacies!
Snapshot of mum and me! So blur rite? (handphone camera abit faulty!)

Anyway, i didnt get mum anything but hmmm, i think in every mums' heart, they just want their children and family to be safe and healthy. For those who think that mums being housewives are useless, Think Again! According to the Sunday Times, a stay home mother would actually be paid a gross amount of $23,000 per month if you consider her work scope! That is so much more than what working mothers actually earn! So i know mummy doesnt bother that she is presentless after all she did receive flowers and cakes from her colleagues!
Well, i would like to share with all of you an ice-cream lover's heaven and dream ice cream platter! Dad, Sis and me indulge in this 40 bucks ice cream heaven included 7 scoops of ice crea flavours of your choice and with extra touches of presentation of fruits. Well, i think personally it was a rip off as 40 bucks for 7 scoops it's like almost 6 bucks per scoop! We paid so much extra for the dried ice and the smokey smokey presentation! But oh well, this is marketing and branding! For the experience and the family fun and bonding of tucking into the ice cream, this price is a small price to pay.

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