Friday, May 02, 2008

Take my life and do it as you will!

"Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of GOd" (Romans 10:17)

Hey ya all, how is the faith going along? Faith in every step of your life. Faith in my wonderful Abba Father. Today, i had my first Campus Crusade for Christ Discipleship meeting. It's actually a bible study and there were supposed to be 6 girls in the group. The funny thing is, after my project work with my group mates which ended at 3.30pm i wanted to leave the school. Wanted to give an excuse like "Im sick" or "I have extra lessons" to skip the bible meeting group. I even walked to the Yio Chu Kang Mrt with Kailing and Casslyn and intended to head home. But whoa a soft whisper was in my head telling me not to. There was something waiting back in school for me. A promise to meet with my group leader. The dilemma and the struggle to head home and escape GOd yet again or to attend the bible group was disturbing. Finally, guess who won? GOD WON! How can me a mere human tackle GOd?

Boy im so glad i i attended it. I had to call the leader Selina cos it's my first time meeting her and i have no idea how her features, her body figure or her dressing style will turn out to be. HAHA but when i finally met her, everything just came down to a halt. I felt reconnected again, with God... The funny thing is all the other members in the group couldnt come so it was literally just me and group leader. HAHA. Awkward? Yeah, you bet but being our first face to face meeting, it was a good chance to know each other. THANKS LORD. I NOE YOU PROVIDED FOR ME THIS CHANCE.

Hmmm, i thank the Lord for providing me a very good project group! HAHA the boys are so nice to bully. My members are so willing to endure the torturing heat in the Mcdonald canteen and a half hour meeting actually extended to 1 and a half hour one! But at least we did our Stats ICA questions, hey thinking questions is really brain wrecking ya noe?

HAHA, hey to the girls who laughed at me during Stats lecture about you know la...hmmm, there's absolutely nothing between us. I told you my darkest secret so you 5 keep the secret k!! WHoa, ok im having writer's block now. Shall stop now. SEE YA ALL SOON!

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