Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Loads of surprises

Hey ya all! Yesterday brain dead and muscles ache from my first dragon boat training. Hmmm let me tell you what we did briefly. Alright, there were about 18 gals who went for the so called "orientation" but it's more like assessing your fitness levels. The number of boys there was like 4 times the number of girls, so you guys do the maths yeah? The air filled with MACHO-NESS!

Alright anyway, the coach said we had to do two rounds of warmup slowly, followed by push-ups and incline pull ups and finish of with a 4 rounds around the track (1.6km) with timing run. LOL... Oh man, ya noe the warm up already felt like sprinting cos they guys ran in front of the girls and their warm up speed you know... is the girls sprinting speed!!! HAHA but anyway for the push ups section, i cant even do one! YEP, you are right, not even ONE!! becos the senior said my posture for doing it is wrong! She told me "nevermind, must go home and practice k?" but whoa, i have been doing push-ups like this for years! To change? Not so easy ah!!!! But anyway, at the incline pull-ups station, the senior counting for me said i looked like a basketballer and i was like NO WAY!!! But you know though i fared badly for the strength station, my stamina still manageable! I manage to come in a joint first with another girl for the run!! Oh my tian!

HAHA and the thing about the girl is she used to study in St. Nicholas and she was talked to me excited about the orange bowl at my secondary school. Hmmm, thinking about it makes me drool now... the world is so small yeah, me going to dragon boat with Joanne, my primary schoolmate and now meeing a secondary schoolmate!

Today, another whiff of fate hit me on my face too! While on my 20 min walk to school, Stanley, my class rep and of course classmates saw me from the bus stop. HAHA and i dragged him to walk to school with me although the bus takes only 5 min to reach. But oh well, it's a good way to know your frens through bus rides and as for me walking rides! So Stanley is my walking partner for the next 2 and a half year. (psss GOOD LUCK TO YOU BRO)

Anyway, im really adapting to poly life. And to the Click Five that worry about me, dun worry k? OBA IS FINE AND HAPPY =)!

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