Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Start Making me Uncomfortable

Hey ya all! Getting back on track is harder than i thought. The buying laptop and installing what new programmes is driving me mad. Hmmm.. I cried in my room again today, it's time to take my Prozac again to remain my sanity.

Since every wednesday will be a holiday for me, i guess i ahve to make this day special somewhat. Haiz.. My CLICKFIVE.. Nopes, not the American boyband! My CLICKFIVE are all gals, my girlfriends, I MISS YOU ALL! Glancing through our Connexio pics and whoa, time flies buds! 2 years zoom... I wanna share photos with u all.. Our gooding never seem to end dearies! HAHA.. eh my Best friend, i think about you too k?

Us on top of the building..

Pole Dancing anyone??

Why, these pictures are classic man... PALA! Thanks for chatting with me yesterday babe, yeah pigs are soft and i like you for having a soft heart towards me! It's been months since i met you all and i cant understand why you gals are so willing to tolerate my absence and my you know daoing... The thought of me refusing to see you gals when you came to my house still haunt me. You waited outside the room of my door and wrote slips of paper, called out my name "OBA, OBAAA!" but i still hid in my shell, my room. Why dun ou all hate me huh? I always am puzzled about this, why are you all so patiently waiting for me to appear in your lives again... Girls, understand that im rooting for you all in your A' levels yeah? But oh well, there's something i have to do before i meet you all...

Im writing this post as i feel so distanced from my friends. Something which of course is due to my own "disappearing acts" and what not. Dinner or movie dates with friends and it's a NO NO thing for me. Now in Nanyang Polytechnic, yeah, i may appear bubbly but my classmates don't know my past. They don't know what i went through only CLickfive you understand. You all were there. Literally there for me.

Evidence of being literally there. =)

LOL... I dunno why im feeling so touchy and emotional today... Haiz.. Girls ah girls... How COULD I LIVE WITHOUT YOU??

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