Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tiring but Fruitful Day

Hey ya all! Hmm never post for a while so i shall just write some stuff.. Well, firstly i hope im getting fitter because i walk to school and back from school and with each walk taking about 20 mins, im actually getting a free 40 min workout each day... The only downside is appearing in class all sweaty and soaking wet which is rather gross if you can imagine me being in that state...

Hmmm, classes are interesting and yep there are loads of group work and all and one of the boys sabotage me to be leader for the group... The subject is Statistic and im really bad at maths so i hope they made the right choice.

I made my way to the gym intending to workout for 3hours there... But my legs were kinda stubborn... After brisk walking on the treadmill for an hour and doing body combat which is really really happening and fun, i decided to head home. My mode of transport? My legs which took me a full 40 mins to reach home!

I think the workload still havent caught up with me... Grandma is sick and at the hospital... The touching thing was she told my aunt that i am always an obedient girl and my aunt messaged me to tell me that... You know, i believe when one is ill, unspoken words from the buried from the heart just pour out all at once. She's so frail now...

Reminds me of economics lecture today when the lecturer said most things in life goes in a circle. Take your life for example, you start out as a kid, become an adult and when you grow old and become senile, you have youe 2nd childhood. Hmmm, how adept this analogy is huh??

What do you all think?

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