Friday, April 25, 2008

Poly vs JC

Hey you all! Since i have been a student in both JC and Poly, i thought i would dissect the two different types of instituition and education route. I dunno where people get the impression that Polytechnic rules and regulations are very slack because that is ABSOLUTELY not the case. for instance, we have our student lanyards to tap as a way to mark our attendance but in JC, i think my classmates used to skip lectures and walk over to KFC for lunch! Elson and the girls! HAHA.

Ok, today the computer lab was freezing cold. I shall dress up as an eskimo every friday and live the life of an eskimo for 3hours. Learning Microsoft Access is simply cool, i mean the functions are so easily managed and i believe this skill will be a niche in the work force in the future. Hanging out with guys in class let's say it's kinda thrilling, after all if you've been kept in a convent school for 4 years... Get what i mean?? Hmm, hormones are raging at this stage, but i dun mean my hormones though. Mine are completely in control. Be safe BOYS. =) Mwahaha.

Somethings are bothering me now. Mum said several things about dad which reminds me of my depression. I remembered the doctor asking me if anyone in my family has this mental problem as it runs in the family. Now, im quite sure i noe where i get my depression from...

MAMA and GongGOng, i wish u well, GET BETTER SOON YOU BOTH!! Yan YAN ho dam sam le!! ( THis is in cantonese)
When GOng Gong was in good health, haiz...

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