Thursday, April 10, 2008

Weird bunch of Singaporeans

Hey ya all! Today is officially my first day in Nanyang Polytechnic. Hopefully, my decision this year will not be another wrong decision as myprevious one to enter Junior College. Boy was it tiring but phew at least the number of guys almost equate to the number of gals. 12 boys and 17 girls, so that's all RIGHT! Ogls are pretty fun and they sorta keep begging us to return for 2nd day orientation for water games as they were so afraid everybody would just pon...

Anyway, first day of school and i'm off to a bad or should i say an unexpected encounter... My darling sis insisted of walking to AMK hub for dinner instead of takiing the bus so we strolled along the HDB flats and wallah ritgh opposite Cheng San Communtiy Centre, there goes a man prop right in the middle of our path with a dozen of flies swarming over his motionless body. Hmmm, the first thing i sought to do was to check if he was breathing and yes, he was. Secondly, my eyes followed from his head to his feet and wallah, a second surprise, he was bare footed. NO SHOES AND LYING FACE DOWN??

This = call 999. Passersby all around with curious looks on their faces but after glaring for a while, simply sauntered off. Sis suggested doing that but a guy who had a cell phone in his hands asked us if we had any handphone. (erm.. shouldnt he call the police then?) But oh well, frst time in 17 years of my life, i called the police. After what seemed like an interminable wait, i was feeling flustered by then, the police arrived... A lady rushed forward to give her eye witness account... As for sis and me, we would rather not want this kind of spotlight and hence we crept away. The policeman didn't dare to touch the motionless man, he poked him with his walkie talkie but he still was unresponsive. THe last thing i saw was the paramedics using black coloured devices to monitor his condition before i turned around and never looked back from that second onwards.

What a 'pleasant' first day of school goodie bag for me and this made this day more memorable. May LORD just revive his health because i believe he fainted out of starvation even though Singapore seemed to be a beggarless state. We all need an education, so please work hard to get the paper that you need. I dun wanna end up calling the police on your behalf.

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