Monday, April 07, 2008

Day 2 in Taiwan

As i look through the pics i cant imagine my face looked so puffy in Taiwan. Talk about pigging out. The tour guide warned us about putting weight in Taiwan and everyone in a jolly mood agreed to worry about the extra pounds on our body and not to mention luggage when we reach Singapore.

2nd day and we took to the mountains called "Jiu Fen" which in the 1930s had gold buried in the ground until the Japanese dig them all up. So now resting in the high mountain of this tiny little village of a population of 200 depends on tourists business to survive. In reality it's just a dinghy, long alley and from the starting point to the end takes only about 20 minutes to cover so you can imagine how small the place actually is.

Standing on the path of "Jiu Fen"

A rare skill that one master possessed caught my eye as i was strolling down the black trodden path. This master has the niche to use just a tool the size of an eraser to create art works that capture the passersby attention. Well, it sure caught me in rapt attention that mum and be bought 2 artpieces which i have no idea where to hang them.

Here's the master writing my chinese name with the artistic stroke of his hands:

After which we took a 2hour journey ride to Hualien to see the spectacular nature that God has provided for us. Through the thousand of years of high tides washing the mountains, they have been polished and polished numerous times that the mountains in that vicinty are all made of marbles. Pure Natural Marble.

This was followed by a cup of flower tea at the mountain top overlooking the panoramic view and it was indeed breathtaking. How nice if Singaporeans could slow down their pace of life and just enjoy an afternoon like this? The feelings of a tai tai runs through my head and i must be elucidating awe from you guys yeah?

We were transported to our five star hotel resort which was kinda a new kind of experience for me. The vibe that the resort emitted was different. We wre the only Singaporeans there as people who stayed over were mostly Taiwanese looking for a place to let their hair down.Can you imagine the owner of this resort used to be a mechanic and he slowly amassed his fortune and build this whole resort from scratch. Talk about amazing people.. Even the ordinary can become extraordinary.

A Snapshot of the resort

The highlight of my stay in this resort was that we could "fang Deng long". The olden type of lantern where people of the past used to write wishes on the lantern and let it fly away, with the light piece of plastic lantern carrying everyones big ambitions and hopes. It makes one ponder that no wonder the lantern will fall when it carries the hopes of so many individuals and yet it flies alone up un the dark sky.

Preparing for the lantern's take off

This was my second day in taiwan and what an indelible imprint it left in my mind especially the lantern. Funny how write their dream 4D numbers on the plastic and hope to strike and how others hope for health and widsom. For me, hope is in believing my Saviour and my friend Jesus.

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