Monday, April 07, 2008

4th day( i think) in Taiwan

Hmmm.. I messed up all my pictures and i jus think it's the 4th day but well i just wanna share the pictures and also remind myself of my trip, the journey and the people i met along the way.

AHHA, today we were brought up to Alishan where the tour guide reminded us to prepare extra warm clothings to protect ourselves from the cold but haha, the weather was pleasant and wasnt what i expected. Mum even brought long john along! Kiasu i guess! For Alishan, words cannot express the beauty of this place, i shall let the pictures speak. The amazing thing with nature is that they can grow and mould themselves into shapes without the human touch!

Here's a stump that has grown to be shaped like a heart:

Another picture that has this tree growing and looking amazingly like a pig:

Another surprise that caught me off guard was that Taiwan actually has cherry blossoms! Mum happily said that at least she does not regret not going to Japan during this cherry blossom season and of course she wanted pictures with the cherry blossom tree. Really beautiful with there pinkish flowers. Ever wondered how a tiny dark brown, ugly tree could produce such pretty things?
The cherry blossom tree:

Wanna know how peaceful Alishan was? I have an alibi to prove my point. Even an animal like the dog took time to enjoy the peace and stillness of the forest. The tranquility really grabs you.

My alibi:

Dinner was yet fired off with an interesting story. I love stories like these. Tour guide explained to us that the owner was a countryside gal and she found a passion in using waste wood to build structures and therefore started out her restaurant with everything made my her own hands. Every bowl in this restaurant is handmade by her and no bowls are identical. A special night for me and adding to the pleasure was the excellent food served.

Here's the interior:

Their restaurant speciality dessert Muah Chee which is more milky than our version here:

I inlcuded this picture as i thought mum look kinda high class and she sparkles here:

I'm kinda inspired by the motive behind this restaurant as i have the passion for food, a passion to open my own restaurant one day and this is an example of one restaurant which has taken a bold approach to be different, to serve good food and to provide a different ambience as compared to the typical restaurant out there. Not to mention that this is one woman who know nuts about business and is having the last laugh today..

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