Monday, April 07, 2008

3rd day in Taiwan

Fresh start of the day and today we're gonna embrace the native roots of the Taiwanese.

We were taken to this place called Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village which in my opinion is just another tourist trap. Where have all the real natives gone to? The pressures of life have definitely made them conform and many have moved to the city so i guess we tourists have to just make do with the man made cultural village.

Welcomed by the group "Natives" and boy the guys are really eye candies with 6 packs!

This was just outside the washroom and mum and i decided to be chained in punishment for entering the sacred washroom!
here i am, what can i do when nature calls ?

Walked past this stack of skulls which is believed to be said that whenever a tribe kills their enemies they would behead them and preserve their skulls as a warning to the enemy tribes. Gave me te creeps.. Im glad im not ancient but a modern human being.

I was pretty intrigued by the boars as i have never seen such hairy, grunting, enormous pigs in my entire life! I just stood there taking photos and watching them and mum was annoyed and told me not to go near them in or else i shall be as fat as a boar next time!

My friends the boars!

We were taken to a peacock garden and boy peacocks are really proud creatures. Can you imagine 40 people gathering around the enclosure waiting patiently for them to oepn their feathers? We oohs and aahhed when they open their feathers.. Boy boy, kinda shameless and a little degrading for us humans to be excited over their feathers! I mean there feathers are useless as they cant fly and i realised that male animals tend to be more beautiful in appearance than female ones as they have to attract them. But this of course does not apply to the homosapiens! I strongly believe that the females outdo the males in terms of physical appearance!

Showing off his glory:

Later we were taken to a street where of course we did some shopping but mum and i went to eat this taiwanese dessert where they pound the tapioca and sweet potato, mixed them with some flour and add a little of red beans, grass jelly, ice and syrup and wallah, you got a new creation. But it was really great, the tapioca thingy was chewy and i just liked the texture and the ingredients paired up nicely with the bland tapioca flour. Love it! What a nice complimented dish.

The tapioca flour dessert:

I cant remember where we went next but haha there will be more posts of food coming up! drool drool!

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