Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A very Unlucky Day for me

Hey ya all... Today events and events keep pouncing on my minute body and soul so much that i feel powerless. Powerless to control anything at all... Firstly, let's talk about the Statistics Project. My group mates and I spent extra time in school to discuss the project and we came up with "Setting up a LaNshop in NYP". But you know, today during the discussion with Stats teacher, all she had to do was check a piece of paper, and she bellowed "Cannot this one not allowed. REDO!" And what can we all do but scramble back to our seats as little rats and make our little minds think fast again to produce another entire new idea!

Hmmmm, the next one is about dragonboat training. This training is no laughing matter! We started of with a 1.2km jog. WHat was to come next was beyond my wildest imagination. The coach gave us 15 sets of push-ups, crunches, jumping jacks and another thing called "breacher" where you can only balance your entire body with your elbows and toes. Each set has 15-20 reps and the worse thing was if anyone one was to do it incorrectly, we kena another extra 5. I tell you guys, the pumps and all that was OK. But the ground which was the track was so rough, can you imaging doing the breacher for 1 whole minute? Look at my elbows and knees! THey have serious serious abrasions!

Oh well, forget about that. I got home and the first question my sis asked was "Jie, how did you come home?" And of course i was puzzled why such a question was posted to me! WHy no "HEllo, you are back?" But my sis then told me that my stats lecturer was trying to contact me, he even called my house phone which my sis answered. Apparently, my wallet was found by a group of students and the cash inside ALL GONE but the cards and all that are still intact. So he wants me to get it back. IM SO SUAY TODAY! My wallet is gone! GONE GONE! I lost trust in mankind now, really. I always tried to look at the good side of people but now reality has opened my eyes.

My whole body aches now... ANd i just applied Zembark to my wounds... Gonna hit the sack and praying that tomorrow will be a better day.... =( Sayonara.

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