Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Statistics Project Presentation = Smart Looking Day!

Hey ya all! WHoa i must have lagged alot in the updating hmmm partly because i was down with fever for an entire week during the 2 weeks break and secondly, i was at home so there was nothing to write about! Unless, i talk about me getting out of bed and brushing my teeth.... Arh u all are smart guys and u should get the drift!

ANYWAY! Good news to announce is one project work is down! Hmm, my statistics group actually met up for 3 times only and we completed the project! Im so proud of my little group! Today we had this 5-10 min presentation and while the rest of my classmates went to buy new clothes and worry about the formal attire, haha like my teacher said, for every presentation, G2000 will be packed with NYP students!

As for me, i asked my mum for a skirt she bought many years ago before she was pregnant with me as she bought the skirts but after that she ballooned and never return to her slender figure! So yeah, i just simply took one of the skirts and decked on a white long sleeved shirt and i was ready to go!

OK i shall share with you my pics with my close friends in class! I love my pooling buddies and they are my 3 MUSKETEERS!

Here they are: 3 Musketeers and the damsel in distress!

Hmm so irritating it is time for my hair cut as my long long fringe is covering my FACE!

Here is another pic with my 3 musketeers and the 3 princesses!:

Hey guys u noe for this pics, there are like 2 to be couples! Guess who! HAHA im imagining things cos this will never ever happen!

With things coming slowly back to place, i went to the gym today and exercised a good 1 and a half hour but i seriously think my fitness level dropped alot as i couldnt do the push-ups properly! I HAVE FORGOTTEN THE POSTURE!!! MAn and after 4 push ups my triceps felt like they were burning, hmmm anyone need the energy and fat from me since oil prices are rising??

And dear Click 5, Oba seriously misses you all. Friends like u guys are really precious.

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