Monday, July 21, 2008


Hey ya all. Im back after a hiatus.

Just wondering if any of you guys read yesterday sunday times? The article was titles SLEEPY KIDS! How many of us teenagers have enough of sleeping time in Singapore?

I guess the norm of sleeping hours is about 6 hrs now if you ask me. Reading the article made me think, wow, the competitiveness of Singapore has really reached another level as this competiveness complex behaviour has even been passed on to kids even at the age of 8! Hey these kids are getting like on average 6.5 hours of sleep and you know, i know that they deserved their sleep even more! At least i knew in primary school i had my full 8 hours sleep. Reasons such as tution, CCA and homework were given when asked why they slept so late.

But you know sometimes kids, they can make choices. And those who slept late to do other unnecessary stuff like playing games, tv and i don't know what primary school kids play these days... They brought it upon themselves for lacking sleep. But i hope schools can really give kids some slack , i mean 7-12 years old deserve to be running around enjoying childhood and not have a 7am to 7pm day.

You all must be wondering why i suddenly talk about such issues. Hmmm partly becos i have contracted sore eyes. YEAH YOU HEARD ME --- SORE EYES!! So i have gone to see my boyfriend MR Doctor and the solution he gave me for my Red eyes is this :

My eyes drops solution that cost 7 BUCKS for this 5 ml!!

haha ok. I have to rest now. And i hate missing school because exams are already round the corner. but the doctor gave me 2 days mc and said not to come into close contacts with others. So yeah, i am a responsible person and i shall keep this virus in my eyes to myself!

Catch'ya all later!

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