Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Tribute to my Gong Gong

Tears, what do tears mean?
The first tears that formed in my eyes as a baby,
those tears, you were there to see.
The tears of a baby that means nothing but just whims.
18 years later, my tears,
these tears are tears of sadness.
Each tear represent my longing for you,
now that you are no longer here.
But now, my tears, you are not here to see,
cos your eyes are closed...
for an eternity.

Thank you for giving me the chance,
the chance for a last goodbye on Sunday.
Your arms swollen as they may be,
your breathing, hard as they could be,
but still, you summon your hands to wave back to me.
But still, you gathered strength to look at me.
Those soft eyes, friendly eyes, brimming with tears.
I couldnt control and i cried.

Tears, our tears seemed to connect at that instance.
My last words to you before i left were
" Gong Gong, Yan Yan (my cantonese name) loves you"
Did you hear that?
Now that you are gone,
my heart and soul misses you.
But, im glad i got to say those words to you.
Cos i have yet to thank you for the babysitting me,
cooing me and patting me to sleep as a baby.
Saying now it's too late,
but THANK YOU for the 18 years of being with me.

Wherever you go,
Gong Gong, i really miss you.
i will Miss your spiky hair which i used to play with.
I always thought you were the most handsome Grandpa in the world.
You still are.
And you will always be in Yan Yan's heart.

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