Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What shall i Do when im Feeling Down?

Hey guys, this is a really short post. Because i have been going to grandpa's wake for the past 2 days at staying there till 12pm on average. Hmmm, its been tough but im still hanging on...

Friday is the cremation day. Where will i get the strength to walk with him for his last journey? The strength to push the van, the strength to see the last of him and forever he will be no more.

But wherever im upset, i will look at the bloopers. Bloopers make me laugh. Bloopers make me just forget abt the unhappiness for a while. Thank you winston for sending me the bloopers =) Thanks to my friends who send me smses to console me, Audrey Chong I love you! Jieying, your messages during the first night when i was mourning were so funny that i laughed through my tears. Grace Chan aka Hantu, i wanna kill you already, you dare delete my number! But thanks for your sms =) With my ClickFive and God holding me, i will pull through!!

Here is the bloopers i will share with u guys.

So, yep that is the end of my post. Sayonara. Peace to all!

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