Saturday, July 26, 2008

Buffets = to Jaw and Tummy Exercise

Hey ya all! Haha i have been planning recently to have like you know those blogs where people take pictures of their fat bodies then later they follow their strict diet and exercise and then post their pictures daily? Then within a month or so you can really see a difference in their bodies and yeah these blogs really motivate me. But you know, we human beings always tend to procrastinate. Procrastinate and again Procrastinate...

So im also the typical one of those "procrastinaters", if there is such a word. Since today is a Saturday, i reserve Sat and Sun to binge and eat so i let myself go. Today, i asked my family to eat at THe Ritz Carlton, Yeah we had buffet there and it cost $72 per head! Here's the bill for you guys to see!

Total bill was $339 bucks after adding GST and Service Charge

So yeah the food was really really fabulous. I will rate it 10 out of 10 for freshness of food. Dun believe? Take a look at the prawns that i totally dig at for the whole dinner. My family was after the lobster but i prefer prawns. Because im allergic to prawns that arent fresh as my tongue and throat will itch but today none of those itches came up which proves the freshness is there!

Here is the Ginseng prawns which is free flow and i ate like a dozen tiger prawns!

Alright over all the service was really good as the service staff were dressed to the nines, haha i think they were dressed even better than some of the diners as my sis spotted a guy wearing slippers! Hello! Please dress up if you are coming to a FIVE-STAR hotel for dinner Mr X!

Hmmm, i had alot of sushi and vegetable salad as the Balsamic Vinegar dressing was really really refreshing and light! I like. Plus of cos, im on my eat less move more diet! Anyway, i spotted this Pumpkin soup which i wanted to try for so long because i always read Western recipe books with this dish. But, erm i guess it's not for the Chinese palate and those used to your home-made mother soup, this Pumpkin soup is more skewed towards the sweet rather than the savoury soup which we are accustomed to.

Here is the yellowish, really robust pumpkin soup.

And of cos there were a whole array of seafood, lots of hearty herbs flavoured bread and local favourites like Chilli crab but Sis and me looked forward to the desserts! Here is one of the desserts that we ate. I emphasized on one cos we also had tiramisu, kuehs and ice cream!

The dessert that is a Mango with some cream and chocolate mousse with raspberry.

So there you go, this was how i spend my Sat night. Sitting at the Ritz Carlton buffet restaurant and while 3 hours away! But really, nothing beats eating with your family. Im on a diet, but you noe, i will not go back to my old ways for those who know what im talking about =)

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