Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Economics Project was a Blast!

Hey ya all! HAHA i had a blast at school today thanks to a bunch of GUYS. HAHA Kelvin, you are one of them your M-O-S joke really rocks ok? For the unitiated, MOS means Ministry of Sound to all of you right? But my Joker friend here seems to have another more gross and disgusting word for the S letter. HAHA. But since my blog is rated PG, i shall keep silent until any of you ask me ya?

Ok anyway, here is my video for economics project that my friends not from NYP can enjoy! Our group spend about 4 hours to get this done and editing was done by my buddy Winston who says i cant load this video up till the presentation is over. HAHA i have obeyed so i shall post the Home-made video. GUys watch it ok? It is quite funny! Moody? Go watch!

If this video isnt clear, go to here to watch and rate!

Hey give me comments on my acting chops ok? HAHA. Im a first time actress. My acting is imcomparable to my idol Linda Chung and Han Hye Jin but WHoosh, we learn through practice!!! The process was fun la. =)

And oh gosh my eyes are still sore. Wait i shall correct my words, they are still reddish and slightly itchy but the disgusting mucus at least stopped coming out from my eyes. So now, it's just redness which i have no remedy except for the 5ml eye drop and Loads of PRayers to God!!

Today was a very fruitful day. I love Polytechnic, I love my friends and i love Jesus!

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